The Acorn School of Charleston

We offer a mixed-aged kindergarten program for children 3 to 6 years old.

The Acorn School 2019-20 Tuition Schedule will be published on Monday, February 18, 2019.

Age Appropriate Education

Modern educational trends have turned classrooms into pressure cookers, resulting in a dramatic increase in anxiety in children of all ages and as young as five. The Acorn School of Charleston offers students a haven from these anxiety producing environments. Our approach has deep respect for the childhood years and understands the psychology and science behind the importance of play for young children. Our program is inspired by Waldorf Early Childhood Education, a play-based experiential learning approach, has been educating children in this respectful, gentle way for 90 years in 83 countries around the world. Please contact us today to explore how our program can serve as an oasis for your family in today’s stressful society. Our preschool kindergarten program is one of a kind in the Charleston area.

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Experience Our Program in Action!

                                                               Classroom Tours (Adults Only)
Our tours provide an in-depth opportunity to experience and learn about The Acorn School of Charleston. The tours begin with a brief presentation followed by a tour of the classroom. There is ample time for questions and discussion. Our tours are by appointment only. Please reach out to Dr. Stevens at or call 843.501.2780 to set up a private tour. 

Waldorf videos:

• City of Lakes School’s “What Does The Future Want From Us?”   View video (2:21)
• Waldorf Community Worldwide:  A sampling of famous graduates.   View video (6:42)

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