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"Waldorf taught me how to think for myself, to be accountable for my actions, to be a good listener, and to be sensitive to the needs of others. It also helped me to focus on the underlying importance of beliefs, and values that are the foundation of good leadership."
- Kenneth Chenault, American Express Company Vice Chairman

The Acorn School of Charleston is a non-profit organization in South Carolina.  The Acorn School has been granted 501 (c) (3) status by the Internal Revenue Service. The school currently offers a mixed-age kindergarten for children ages three through six. Our goal is to grow into the grades in the coming years. Waldorf teachers are dedicated to fostering a genuine love of learning in each child. Created by educator, scientist and philosopher Rudolf Steiner, this educational approach is designed to respond to children’s developmental phases and nurture their imaginations. His educational aims were to encourage creativity, innovation, freedom of thought, stewardship of the natural world, and care for human community.

About the Founders

The fruits of a Waldorf education are clearly evident to Lee and Alecia Stevens who have seen how their own children, along with numerous other young people they’ve known, have flourished in a Waldorf school. Together they are committed to fostering a school community that will bring the profound gifts of Waldorf education to Charleston.

 Lee Stevens, PhD, is an educator and psychologist with twenty years of Waldorf class teaching experience in Chicago, Minneapolis, Los Angeles and New York City. While training to be a public school teacher in Michigan decades ago, Dr. Stevens attended a lecture on Waldorf Education after which he had the opportunity to examine a high school student’s exquisitely created lesson book on the history of art and architecture:

“What struck me were the carefully crafted cursive writing, impressive and academically sound content, and beautifully executed drawings. I discovered then that Waldorf educators developed multiple types of intelligence in their students. This remarkably well-rounded student could write, think, and draw at a very high level. The next day I started my quest to be a Waldorf educator.”

 Alecia Stevens is a designer known for creating interiors that reflect natural warmth, beauty, balance, texture, craftsmanship, practicality and comfort. These qualities are also important in creating learning environments for children that are conducive to developing imagination and intelligence, delighting the senses, and making children’s hearts sing. She is pleased to be able to bring her sensibilities and background to the work of founding a Waldorf school with her husband. Their shared endeavor begins with building a thriving early childhood program, with a vision to add a grades school program in the future.

Waldorf Main Lesson Book

First Grade Waldorf Main Lesson Book

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