As a non-profit 501 (c) (3) corporation, The Acorn School of Charleston relies on donations to create a supportive environment which nurtures our students' development and education. We are grateful to our generous friends for their support.

Our mission is to bring Waldorf Education to Charleston and develop a K-6th grade program. As the school continues to grow our community of donors will expand as well. We welcome and encourage you to be a part of our community and support the education of the children of Charleston.

Please call Lee Stevens, Ph.D. at 843.501.2780 to discuss your questions. If you prefer not to donate online you may mail donations to The Acorn School of Charleston, 95 Folly Road Blvd, Charleston, SC 29407.

 The Founders Circle

The members of The Founders Circle consists of donors who have given $10,000 and above. They will be honored by having their contribution acknowledged on an engraved plaque that will be on permanent display at the school. We are happy to announce that we already have two couples that are members of our Founders Circle.

Targeted Funds

Donors may choose a specific cause for which they offer their support. Please specify your choice at the time of the donation.

 The Faculty Fund

Monies donated will be applied to teacher’s salaries, health insurance costs and professional development. We are fortunate to have an excellent teacher and want to secure her salary during our first years and provide a quality assistant.

 The Playground Project

 These funds are specifically appointed for the upgrade of the children’s play area and gardening space.

The Flexible Tuition Fund

 Funds dedicated to The Flexible Tuition Fund will be used to allow families who cannot afford full tuition to attend our school. We value having a diverse community represented in our classroom.

Friends of the School

 We are grateful for all gifts regardless of the dollar amount.  All donors as Friends of the School will receive a gift from the children as an expression of our thanks.